These carts are available for applications at a low level (e.g., for putting a TV set on).

Product Model
for example, can be used to put machine on.

Can be connected with a cosmetic system. These models serve a hospital purpose as a dressing cart.

Being connected with a hospital or cosmetic system, these drawer-type carts can be easily packed or loaded with several accessories.
Including a utility hanger, this dressing cart can be used in a hospital. When the model should be used as a separate dressing cart. the user can attach a utility bucket to it, if necessary.
This model serves a hospital purpose as a large cart.
This model serves as a large cart in a dining hall, restaurant and hotel, as well as for a material conveyor cart of an electronics factory-server line. In addition, it can also be used as a rack after simply detaching the wheels.
These carts are available for applications at a high level of horizontal scalability.
This product is a useful rack which you can put things on.
The utility bucket can be attached or detached from any of the said models.
The real product may look different in color from the picture, and the design of a product can be changed without previous notice.
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